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Cylkro® - Customer Specific Solutions

Cylkro® - Quotation Enquiry Form

The ASSAG Team and our distribution partners support you in defining the specifications for the face gear set according to the needs of your application. The file below may help you to describe your demands. Please fill it out as far as you can and send it to ASSAG or the ASSAG partner in your country.

  Cylkro Request Form (77 kb)

Customer Specific Face Gear Applications

Machine tool manufacturing

Power split for driven tools

Angular transmission

Exchangeable tool drive

Axis differential

Automotive 4WD (differential 40 / 60 %)

Drive units

Cement mixer, truck

Counter rotating propellers

Bow thruster

Compact gear ratios

Door drives

Overriding drives


Robotic and automation

Overlapping tumbling motion,
coating plant for spectacle lenses

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Our Partner, Direct Industry

Our partner DirectIndustry