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Machine Tool & Equipment

High precision gears, multi-output, angular transmission and overriding drivers are the core competencies that ASSAG provides. World class machine tools manufacturers are working with ASSAG to develop the newest generation of their products to meet the market demand.


Our face gear technology is used increasingly for differentials in automotive.

For central differential of 4x4 cars, the use of two face gears, which have a different number of teeth resulting in asymmetrical force, give a torque share of 40/60 without the need for electronic control

Another example ASSAG has developed for racing car applications is a starter system with face gear. For these cars the standard system was too voluminous with a standard motor wheel ring.

Many other gear applications for car engines and interiors have been designed.


The face gear technology has a big potential in off highway vehicles. For example in corn headers, the rotational speed of the gear box can be adapted to all types of harvesting conditions. This is realized slowly by exchanging one face gear with a different number of teeth, while maintaining the same pinion.

Off highway applications also include gear for tractors, compactors and hybrid for wheel loaders.


ASSAG is skilled specialist in drive systems for sophisticated medical equipment. Precision drive systems, treatment devices, surgical robots and rehabilitation aids rank alongside titanium crown wheels for surgical tools and implants in its produce range.


Aircraft, monorails and public transports contain ASSAG technology as differentials, angular transmission and special gear solutions. Such an example is the thrust reverser for planes. ASSAG has also delivered drive trains for monorail system world over.


Many industrial and automotive applications require the simultaneous activation of multiple drive elements, which enable driving parallel work flows using a single motor only.

The assembly and adjustment of such multiple drives is easier to achieve using face gears.

Example of face gear multi drives in the field of renewable energy are the fine adjustment of wind turbine blades, tidal power generator, or facilitate the changes in direction of the elements in solar

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