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Cylkro® Face Gear Technology

The pinion is axial free. The Cylkro-Gearset consists of a standard involute pinion and a Cylkro face gear. While mounting the gear set, only the Cylkro face gear needs to be adjusted in the axial direction. The axial position of the pinion can be chosen freely within its tooth width. Advantages:

  • Compared to conventional bevel gears, the adjustment of a Cylkro set is relatively easy.
  • Mounting deviations, caused be e.g. changes in temperature, do not affect the contact pattern.
  • There are no axial forces on the pinion shaft.

Helical Teeth and Offset

In applications which require smaller gear diameters or better noise behaviour, Cylkro face gear sets can also be designed and manufactured with helical teeth. As in worm/worm wheels, Cylkro-transmissions can also be constructed with an off-set position of axis


  • Compared to worm transmissions, the relative sliding velocities are much smaller
  • Consequently, the efficiency can be compared to a spur gear transmission

Free Choice of Axis Angle

Beside the more common 90° axis angle, Cylkro face gear sets are also available in any axis angle between 0° and 135° The pitch circle between pinion and Cylkro gear is identical in any axis angle between 0° and 135° and is often the ideal solution in complex transmission concepts.

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