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Planetary Gear

AVTEC produces a 6-speed automatic transmission consisting of planetary gear sets for buses with an input torque of 500Nm that has been successfully in use for the last 10 years. With an electronically actuated shift mechanism and in-built gear shifting inhibitors for down shift and reverse, the design is adaptable to suit different engine and drive line configurations.

Now, the company has added a new product—a planetary gear box—as a logical extension of our product line. This allows AVTEC to offer customized solutions for automotive & off-highway segments. We are also working on further gear boxes and hub reduction drives for applications that have an input torque range of 500-2300 Nm. The product has already proved itself by winning orders from leading construction equipment manufacturers.

Key Features
  • Completely indigenised design & manufacturing
  • Cost effective, due to local parts support
  • Can be extended to suit wide range of commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment
Product Specifications

Product 6 Speed Electrical Shift Automatic Transmission
Application Bus Application, which can be extended to suit wide range of Commercial Vehicles & Off-highway equipment
Input Torque Capacity 500 Nm
Mounting Direct SAE 3 Flywheel Housing with Flexi-Disc Drive
Gear Shifting System Electric Actuation
Torque Converter With Lock up Clutch
Weight 180 kg (Dry Weight)
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