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Double Synchro Pack

AVTEC’s new double synchro pack offers customised solutions for automotive and off-highway companies. Products based on this design include a manual synchromesh transmission for light commercial vehicles, automatic transmission for material handling equipment, and electric shift transmission for backhoe loaders, railways and shunting locomotives. AVTEC has also developed a synchro pack assembly for a well-known Indian OEM for a sport utility vehicle that has been in production for the last 8 years. This synchro pack is designed for a compact transmission with an input torque of 18 Kg-m and provides improvement in shift performance of approximately 35%.

Our product portfolio caters to the transmission requirements of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles with an input torque range from 16kg-m to 90kg-m. Designs are also available with multi-cone arrangements that have a synchro ring with friction material (Molybdenum and carbon coating). The AVTEC synchro pack is a highly reliable and efficient system with significant life and durability improvement over current designs.

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