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Engineering Services & Design Consulting

ASSAG is a leading enterprise for drive systems and world market leader in face gear technology. An experienced R&D team with over 30 years of experience, at its headquarters in Düdingen, Switzerland, is the key to success of ASSAG.In partnership with ETH Zurich ASSAG has developed its own face gear design and analysis software thereby optimizing the design time &prove-out time and building capability for additional design features to simulate various manufacturing processes.

ASSAG offers its experience in gear sizing & analysis with the use of our proprietary software to customers needing design support for drive systems, facegears and transmission design.

Some of the key design consulting services offered by ASSAG:
  • Product Design
    • Face Gear
    • Face Gear
  • Face Gear adaptation in Current Drive Systems
  • Sizing of Facegears
  • Sizing of Gear Train
  • FEA Linear and Non-Linear
    • Static Structural Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis
  • Other Analytical Calculations

Key design software used by ASSAG:

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